Safe Sports

Any coach, official, authorized Athlete Representative, or volunteer of youth clubs must take the required background screen. If any such individual does not pass the screen (using the criterion further detailed in the sections below), said individual will NOT be permitted to serve USATF in such capacity nor will be allowed to work with JDTF Club.
The USATF Registered Coaches Program was conceived to establish a set of standards for all coaches affiliated with USA Track & Field. The program involves a four-pronged process, which results in a published list of coaches who have demonstrated the ethics, honesty and trustworthiness necessary for endorsement by the national governing body. The centerpiece of the process is a comprehensive  Safe Sport Handbook which focuses on only the highest ethical and honorable standards. Registered Coaches also carry with them the rights and privileges available only to those within the registry. These benefits may include:

  • Discounts for premier seminars and coaching education programs
  • Registered Coach credential at USA National Championships
  • Selection to international team staffs
  • Selection for Coaching Enhancement Grants
  • Involvement in USATF High Performance Programs
  • Compensation from USATF or USOC athlete support programs

To become registered a coach must complete the application process which includes the steps outlined below.

1. Be a current USATF member
2. Pass the USATF background screen
3. Complete USOC SafeSport course*
4. Accept and adhere to the SafeSport Handbook
5. List current coaching affiliation in the application process

*Must be the full length (90 minute) version of the SafeSport course to receive completion credit. The SafeSport Parent and SafeSport Refresher courses will not be accepted. Please be sure to add your USATF Membership number by selecting "USA Track and Field" under "Memberships" on the Safe Sport Training website to receive credit for your completion.
Begin the Application Process
View the Published List
For any violations of SafeSports please contact the JDTF representative below on our Safe Sports Compliance Committee.

For cases of sexual assault and harassment: please call your local law enforcement (911), then make a report to our Safe Sport Compliance Committee, and or any  JDTF representative on our contact us page.

Calls and emails can be anonymous for privacy; however, anonymous calls and emails make case by case longer and possibly more difficult.

Safe Sports Compliance Committee
Rosetta Brickhouse
Genia Davis-Postell
Safe Sports Compliance Chair
Email: [email protected]
(302) 612-0827​
Safe Sports Compliance Chair
Email: [email protected]
(276) 236-2725