Hi! My name is Amber Lust, and I am currently attending Wofford College in South Carolina on an athletic track scholarship. Obtaining my scholarship as a senior in high school was only obtained with hard work on the track throughout my four high school years. The one person who helped me and trained me to be the person I am today on the track is Drummond.

I met Drummond my junior year of high school at track practice. At first, he was a volunteer who wanted to help the team. He noticed my potential as a hurdler, and desired to train me because he knew I had the potential of winning state titles. He trained me for the last two years of my high school career, and managed to turn me into an awesome athlete, not just as a hurdler or sprinter; but a great person as well.

Drummond taught me to never give up, no matter how tired I was. He always ran with me at practices to push me to my max and continued to encourage me to keep pressing on. When I was close to giving up, he would remind me of other girls that would beat me, which made me want to work harder! He helped me to have the strong desire to want to win and be the best sprinter on the track.

Senior year (2015) I ran the best time of all of Delaware in the 100 meter hurdles (14.6). My times dropped almost a whole second after his training. ALL the pain, training, and encouragement of Drummond paid off. Being a former athlete as a sprinter, Drummond knew so many techniques to turn me into a strong athlete, mentally and physically. As a college athlete today, I continue to think about what he would say to me when I'm almost ready to give up when things get too hard. Like, "what would Drummond think if I give up? What would he say to keep me pressing on?" All of these thoughts run through my head while at practice and at meets.

Most of the time, I get upset because I know I will never have a coach as awesome as Drummond who will always be there for me when I'm at my worst and best on the track, but I will forever use his mentoring throughout my college years and beyond...

Thanks Drummond! You're the best!!!!
  1. Dudley Magee
    Records in 2 events: the 4x100 meter relay and 4x200 meter relay. State Champion in 110, 300 meter hurdles and 4x200 meter relay. Named to the All-Henlopen Conference team in all three events respectively .
    Dudley Magee
    Polytech High School Track & Field: 110h, 4x1, 4x2, 300h; Alt: 100, 200, 4x4
My name is Dudley Magee. I attend POLYTECH high school and participate in track and field. I started this journey my 8th grade year in middle school. Up until this point, I never really had successful training until I met coach Drummond. During a training session, coach Drummond approached me with the question, "Have you ever ran hurdles?" I replied saying, "No I never have." That's when my hurdle journey began. 

He began training me in January 2016, for the spring track season starting in March. The training sessions were endless and they pushed me to become the best I could be. We were working every day up until the start of the season. His training helped me drastically drop times in all of my events, and his hurdle training led me to be state champion in both the 110, 300 meter hurdles, and our relay team won the 4x200 meter relay under his guidance. 

Mind you... I'd NEVER competed in any hurdle event ever; until that year school year!
During the Summer of 2016, this training was also valuable and carried over to me qualifying in the AAU Junior Olympics; in the 4x100 meter relay and the open 200 meter.

This goes to show that his training and dedication to the sport is no joke. I will continue to train and run with him to better myself more and more.

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