The videos you are about to see are some of the training methods used at JDTF Club. I am a firm believer in: If something is not proven, it shouldn't be used unless tested and verified! And if I cannot do it or have not done it, my athletes should not be doing it.

I have done this for over 15 years. While the video to the left is insane, it's the way I train; NOT our club members! Always use precautions when lifting heavier weights, and always use a spotter!

Our goal is to get each member stronger, faster, and in the best shape of their lives!

Worth Having
Comes Easy!

BASICS with Coach Drummond

  1. How to Skip in Track & Field
  2. Speed Training
  3. Youth Fundamentals
  4. JDTF Speed and Endurance
  5. Vertimax and Plyo Training

Knight  watch

  1. Kaylene Wilkerson: 100 meter @ The College at Brockport University
  2. Nadja Weaver-Postell: 200 meter @ Icahn Stadium
  3. Troy Nixon: High Jump @ Widner University
  4. Talasia Brickhouse and Janelle Magee: 100 meter @ Widner University
  5. Janelle Magee: 100 meter @ The College at Brockport University
  6. Talasia Brickhouse: Long Jump @ Ocean Breeze
  7. Yeila Correa: Long Jump @ Ocean Breeze
  8. Troy Nixon: High Jump @ University Kansas
  9. Dudley Magee: 55 Meter Hurdles @ Ocean Breeze
  10. Nadja Weaver-Postell: 400 meter @ University of Kansas